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A revolutionary way to buy and sell your home

Buy or sell your next home through Movsi and take advantage of low flat-rate pricing, powerful online real estate tools, and sound advice from experienced real estate professionals. Sellers, on average are saving nearly $8000 per transaction while buyers are saving 1% after closing, which can add up fast depending on the sale of your home.


Why sell with Movsi

Flat rate pricing starting at $500

You control your proccess

Accept and reject offers via our simple platform

Get advice from experienced real estate professionals

Automatically generate contracts


Why buy with Movsi

Receive a 1%* rebate at home closing

Negotiate the final price of your home

Seek advice from experienced real estate professionals

*Rebate must be used towards your closing costs.

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Movsi is Built For You

Simple, easy to use dashboard built with users in mind.

Save time by listing your home in six easy steps.

Utilize our valuable tools including market analysis help, cost savings calculator, and net proceeds worksheet.

See offers come through in real time.

Update listing details with ease.


The Movsi Difference


Using Movsi

✔ You choose when you pay our low, flat-rate price.

✔ Access powerful online real estate tools and the MLS.

✔ Save time and set your own schedule for home showings.

✔ You choose your sale price and directly negotiate offers.

✔ We are your partner and are here to assist you. We want you to oversee your home buying and selling experience.

Using A Traditional Agent

✘ High commission fees can equate to thousands of dollars. In Washington State the average seller pays over $18,000 in Commission. 

✘ Agents control the process of listing your property.

✘ Most home showings are set up through agents.

✘ Home prices and negotiations are done entirely through agents. 

✘ Agents have control of you home buying and selling process.


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