Simplifying Real Estate One Flat Fee at a Time (As Seen in the Journal of Business)


In August, Movsi was honored to be interviewed by the Journal of Business to talk about the journey of bringing full service real estate to local home buyers and sellers digitally. Aiming to become the Uber of real estate, Movsi aims to simplify the home buying and selling process with a no-commission based, flat-fee model. A single flat fee means the cost doesn’t change no matter the price of your home.

Movsi wants to give users access to unique real estate tools to assist with the process of buying and selling your home. Specifically, users will be able to list their home or view listings directly on the MLS; something currently only limited to real estate agents. Movsi also wants to provide unparalleled savings to those looking for a cost-effective way to buy and sell their homes. Change is coming and Movsi hopes to be ahead of the curve.

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