INB Showcases Movsi’s Innovative New Real Estate Technology


It all started with a road trip, a Seahawks game, two years of brainstorming, and even more time developing to create a revolutionary, digital real estate tool we call Movsi. Aaron Cunningham and Eric Davidson, the brains behind the operation, have developed a way to buy or sell your home with ease, transparency and a reduced cost. We like to call ourselves the Uber of real estate and hope to completely change the way people buy and sell their homes.

With over 20 years of real estate experience, Aaron and Eric embarked on a path to create a tool that allowed users to access the national MLS database, schedule home showings, accept and reject offers, negotiate home prices and much, much more. Movsi also has a team of experts on staff to assist anyone with the new Movsi process. Some people are afraid to get in trouble and think they need a real estate agent but we’re here to change that mentality.

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